Handmade Kitchens and Bespoke Wardrobes in Oxshott | Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Design Service


Elite Carpentry Services is a trusted name in the world of luxury furniture, and we have covered Surrey and the South East since 2014. Oxshott is already an important service area for our company, and we plan on designing more luxury kitchens, handmade wardrobes and bespoke media units for many more years to come. There is a certain quality about our bespoke furniture that you won’t find online, in the High Street or at a local retail park outlet.

Handmade kitchens, bespoke wardrobes and custom-designed furniture might come at a premium price, but it is hard to put a value on perfection.

When you choose Elite to design, create and install a luxury furniture item for any room in your Oxshott home, you will be assured of high-end workmanship and a perfect fit. As far as benefits go, however, these points are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that we can do to inspire you.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

Buy furniture from a land-based showroom or online, and you won’t have a say in the design. Instead, you’ll be buying into a pre-manufactured product that has been replicated many times over. With luxury kitchens, handmade wardrobes and bespoke media units from Elite, you have the final say on the style and the specification. This makes every item we create 100% unique.

What is even more important is that we will listen to your creative ideas to the extent where your own personality goes into our design and manufacture.

Detail and Finesse

Machined furniture can lack the creative flair of a bespoke furniture item. At Elite, we pay attention to every detail because this makes our workmanship more appealing to property owners in the Oxshott area. We have a locally based workshop where our carpenters and tradesmen use skills honed over many years to create handmade kitchens, bespoke wardrobes and more.

While luxury furniture might cost more than flat-packed alternatives, our own offerings are untouchable in comparison to mass-produced products.

Optimised Storage Space

Have you ever noticed how flat-packed furniture can look spacious on the showroom floor but tiny when you get it home? When Elite designs luxury kitchens, handmade wardrobes and bespoke media units, we give storage space our full consideration. There will always be somewhere to keep utensils, clothing, accessories and remote controls out of view until you need them.

With more space available inside your Oxshott property, you can enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with having the rest of your life fully organised.

Keeping to a Budget

There is a perception amongst some people that bespoke furniture is likely to be too expensive, but it is you who has full control over how much you want to spend on handmade kitchens, bespoke wardrobes or any other item you need us to design. Most of our custom-designed furniture is simple in style and there really isn’t any need at all to overstretch yourself when it comes to cost.

In fact, many previous customers in Oxshott have felt pleasantly surprised by our quotations and now use us for luxury furniture every time that they buy.


For bespoke furniture in Oxshott, call Elite Carpentry Services on 07912 694268.