Luxury Kitchens and Handmade Wardrobes in Cobham | The Benefits of Bespoke Carpentry


If you are considering one of our luxury kitchens or handmade wardrobes, or maybe even one of our bespoke media units, we will be there to provide our creative inspiration and a full range of trade skillsets. Located in Dorking and covering all Surrey areas including Cobham, Elite Carpentry Services is the name people trust for the creation of bespoke furniture. We produce one-of-a-kind pieces for discerning customers with a taste for the finer things in life.

Luxury furniture is what we are all about at Elite, and there is no better way of adding class and elegance to your surroundings than having handmade kitchens and bespoke wardrobes manufactured to a unique specification.

Here, we look at the benefits if using a bespoke carpentry service.

Made-to-Measure Furniture

Bespoke furniture will give you a custom-made fit that can make a significant difference to a home improvement project. While we often hear about luxury kitchens and handmade wardrobes needing to be a perfect fit, it isn’t always the case that all tradesmen will have the skills needed to create furniture.

We can, and this is why so many property owners in Cobham come to Elite to have an item of bespoke furniture crafted to the layout of their room space.

Match Old and New

Your home will most likely have a classic or contemporary theme already, so it is especially important that handmade kitchens, bespoke wardrobes and other items tie in well from a design perspective. We will always account for what is already happening inside your property well before we get creative.

Even additions such as bespoke media units need to work well with current décor. Elite creates stylish furniture that blends into your home perfectly.

Value-Added Services

Bespoke carpentry is a unique skillset because it ultimately gives the customer the luxury furniture item they want, not the one they are forced into buying. A retail park outlet in the Cobham area won’t sell luxury kitchens or handmade wardrobes. Everything will come as part of a pre-manufactured package.

There will be no guarantee of an ideal fit so, while going bespoke might cost a little more, the value in using our talented carpenters is there for all to see.

Assurance of Quality

We help you to avoid home improvement disasters. Bespoke furniture has so many advantages over flat-pack alternatives that creating a list would be endless. At Elite, we feel handmade kitchens and bespoke wardrobes, and all other items we create, should exude quality and that’s just what they do!

If you need anything at all designed for your Cobham home, from bespoke media units to a dressing room, all you ever need to do is give us a call.


For bespoke luxury furniture in Cobham, call Elite Carpentry Services on 07912 694268.