Handmade Kitchens and Bespoke Media Units in Esher | Choosing the Right Furniture for a Room


Our bespoke furniture items, lovingly crafted by experienced carpenters, tie together perfectly with existing design themes and décor because we plan, design and create to a unique specification. Luxury kitchens, handmade wardrobes and bespoke media units are amongst the many items we can manufacture for you. With a workshop in Dorking, Elite Carpentry Services is in the perfect position to assist customers and clients from the Esher area.

One of the most common questions we hear about luxury furniture is where items are best installed. While it might seem obvious as to where handmade kitchens and bespoke wardrobes should go, our creative process requires careful thought and much of our focus is put on the room space itself.

This page looks at three of the main areas inside any Esher property, and it also offers a few suggestions on other things that we can design for you.


Bespoke furniture is ideal for those who want a fitted kitchen that is unique in design and not just another flat-pack installation. With handmade kitchens, Elite can design around your room space and any modifications you wish to make, such as rerouting utilities, placing appliances and adding accessories.

Our luxury kitchens provide a much better fit than those purchased from retail park outlets and help you to create a family hub inside your Esher home.


For the bedroom, there is so much more we can do for you in terms of luxury furniture. Handmade wardrobes are obviously popular, and we can create standalone, floor-to-ceiling or walk-in styles. Elite, however, can also design freestanding bedroom furniture items and we install high-end dressing rooms.

With bespoke wardrobes, we guarantee our carpentry work for 10 years and any ironmongery that we use comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Living Rooms

Most homeowners in Esher use their living rooms as relaxation space and at the heart of every living room is a home entertainment system. Our bespoke media units provide room space with a stunning centrepiece that can be designed as a floor-to-ceiling installation or as a wall-mounted feature.

In an age where more and more people are choosing to watch the latest movies at home, this is a bespoke furniture item you can’t do without!

Luxury furniture is our passion and our pride. Elite Carpentry Services has an excellent reputation in Esher, having designed and installed handmade kitchens, bespoke wardrobes, dressing rooms and more for a wide client base that is discerning in its tastes and enthusiastic about our workmanship.

You can have luxury kitchens, handmade wardrobes and bespoke media units designed to suit your décor and your personal tastes. And, if you have further ideas for any other items where we can put our own aptitude for creating character in wood to good use, we would love to hear from you.


For bespoke luxury furniture in Esher, call Elite Carpentry Services on 07912 694268.