It is so easy to go into a superstore and pick up a new flat pack wardrobe or even new furniture to take it home and to spend an hour or more putting it together but are we really getting what we need?

Many flat pack solutions are great value for money and in some cases the quality is absurd but if your not an accomplished DIY enthusiast you may find the first problem you face is putting it together add to the fact that in most cases the instructions are often put together hap hazard and you have a recipe for disaster.

Have you taken into account getting it home? Often a 6 foot wardrobe can cause serious issues when it comes to transportation as well but don’t let that put you off if you are looking to save a few pounds. Also did you measure the space it is going into? You may well find that having a rough idea doesn’t work and so you are then returning back to the store to get something slightly smaller or in some cases even larger.

We could go on all day but then we are biased because as a carpenter we know that a sophisticated and bespoke design can be the ideal solution for anyone’s needs but costs can also be a big factor when you are deciding what to do. In fact we can guarantee that for a bespoke solution you will definitely end up paying more but is it worth it?

Take into account that you can design your own and make it fit in a way that flat pack never will. Then take into account that you can use any type of wood and also any of many colours to match the interior of the room where it is being fitted and you have a recipe for success.

In fact it is also proven that a bespoke bit of furniture that is made from quality supplies and is the work of a professional carpenter (that does things properly) it can actually increase the property value.

Like we said we are biased but why not take a look into whether you can budget for something a bit more bespoke to the space you have got? With a free consultation where you are under no obligation what have you got to lose? Get in touch today on 07912 694268

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